Listen Deeply~Spread Your Wings. 

Listen……..  When we fail to listen and be present we are operating in the EGO mind.  EGO can be an acronym for Easing God Out. Are you willing to deepen?  Drop in, listen and feel before speaking or reacting?  Allowing yourself to be present for each moment.

I know for myself when I am living in the NOW I have miraculous experiences all around me. When I live in the moment life is brighter, cherries taste sweeter, my soul shines more and I feel a sense of oneness.

What if everyone was brave enough to listen more and then spread their wings? We could create heaven on earth. WE (You and I) can open the hearts of many, dissolve hate and jealously and change the course of human and spiritual evolution. Ok, you are saying I’m not that powerful – well you are!  You are a divine being and WE as a collective can shift big events by living NOW.

Do you want to take the LIVE IN THE NOW Challenge?  Try it for 1 day, 3 days, 8 weeks, 3 months, one year or everyday.  We all grow on a vibrational continuum but where do you start?  You start here and now with baby steps and begin to make it a habit.
Here are some ideas for vibrational evolution:

1. Meditate or pray 10 minutes a day in the morning and at night or increase what you already do

2. Intentionally take 25 to 50 more breaths per day

3. Start a Yoga practice or deepen your current one

4. Smile more and frown less

5. Sigh more and consciously relax your neck and shoulders

6. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day

7. Give back to your family, community and humanity

8.  Start studying a form of ancient religion or philosophy

9.  Be willing to be willing.  Be open to change

10.  Listen more and speak less

11. Think, feel and act with your whole being.  When you make a decision ask your heart and feel your truth before you act

12.  Be kind to yourself and others

13. Listen, read and be consumed by positive books, literature, movies and experiences

14. Create an affirmation that begins with the statement I AM

15. Commit to Expand

16. Change your habits: wear new colors, eat new foods, drive down new streets

17.  Let go of worry

18. Eat more clean green foods or take chlorophyl tablets to acelerate your cells

19.  Talk positively to your body and love your whole being

20. PLAY More …and Laugh

21. Spread your wings and TRUST

Years ago a friend said this quote to me “Sometimes you have to leap and build your wings on the way down”.  And I have again and again and now I’m at a new level, trusting my authentic self.  I invite you to do the same.

I look forward to the evolution of each of you, myself and humanity!  WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER…

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